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To address deteriorating infrastructure in the downtown area, the Monticello City Council Monday night passed a one-cent sales tax as a part of an established business district.


Tuesday morning on the WHOW Morning Show, Director of Community Development, Callie McFarland told Regional Radio News the one-cent tax will help them address things like streets, sidewalks and infrastructure.



McFarland explains the one-cent tax only applies to a limited amount of goods. She notes those exclusions are things like groceries, anything licensed and prescriptions. Additionally, it is a tax that applies only to downtown businesses. 



The tax could also be used by businesses to address health, life safety issues and McFarland says this is another step in the continued focus of what is becoming a thriving area of Monticello.



April 1 of next year, the City will collect the first check from the revenues. McFarland predicts around $150,000 to $200,000 coming from this tax.



McFarland says the business district will be the downtown streets extending to Bridge Street and a commercial corridor to the west, plus out towards the County Market grocery store. 

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