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Area kids that were at Camp Osage last Friday learned a lot about agriculture in a special activity at a local farm.


Jerry Toohill's farm in DeWitt County was the site for the day camp kids and he says hosting them fulfilled what the 'Acres for Kids' program would be all about. He says it was meant to be engaging for them.



Executive Director of the YMCA, Rennie Cluver explains bringing the youth to a farm may be a new experience for some who have never stepped foot on a farm before.



The 'Acres for Kids' program reaches out to area farmers to take a portion of their acreage and when it is harvested, donate a portion of that harvest to the YMCA. Toohill credits Darren Moser for the idea.



The Strong Kids Campaign is the annual fundraiser for the Clinton YMCA and Cluver says while that campaign continues to have strong support in terms of donors, the donations are not as great as they once were. He notes, while there might be several reasons for that, they need to find fresh ways to rally the community support for their organization.



The Strong Kids Campaign is an ongoing effort that seeks to raise around $100,000 for programs and scholarships for community members. You can learn more by visiting clintoncommymca.org or call 935-8307. You can also stop into their facility at 417 South Alexander Street. 




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