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With a new school year right around the corner, local authorities are sending out some public safety reminders.


Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers says the number one thing to remember with the new school year less than a week off for most schools, traffic around school zones is going to greatly increase. He implores anyone near these areas of the community to slow down and be patient.



Abiding by the rules surrounding school buses has been an issue in recent years and the Chief points out, any time the stop-arm comes out, all motorists in front of or behind the bus is required to stop. He says violations are treated with high regard.



The first few months of school, the weather should allow a good number of students to walk or bike to school. Chief Lowers says while it is important to preach safety on the streets and sidewalks to youth, it's also imperative for motorists to be vigilant in watching for youth on their way to school.



The various school offices will have traffic flow charts available for parents who want to know. Chief Lowers notes his staff is spending parts of this week meeting with crossing guards. 

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