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While yearly strategic planning may seem like a lot from the outside, the leaders of a local non-profit credit the practice to being the best they can be.


Community Action takes part in yearly strategic planning and Director of Agency Development, Breann Titus says it is an intense process but it is necessary to evaluate the agency from almost top to bottom. She feels it brings different perspectives together to better each area of the agency.



Coming out of strategic planning earlier this summer, Titus says they are working on coaching their customers, rather than telling them what to do. Sometimes it is very basic functions, but they want to be there to help the low-income population make progress. 



Titus explains they are hoping to develop better relationships with their customers. She calls it being a cheerleader for them.



Titus says there is not a lot different from their planning last year. She indicates though, this year they are trying to streamline some of their processes as an agency. She calls it an addition to some of their changes in years past. 

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