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The Clinton Board of Education put their Fiscal Year '20 budget on file Tuesday night at their regular monthly meeting.


Superintendent Curt Nettles laid out a few of the specific details of the upcoming budget, pointing out they are still gathering information on the employee health benefits. Nettles indicates adding money as it is needed will save the district money.



According to Nettles, all their funds are healthy with good balances. He explains their education fund shows a deficit because of the low tax in the district, which compares very favorably to other areas.



Additionally, Nettles notes the budget is projected to finish in the black by roughly $300,000 and points out they think it could end up better than that. 


For the latest budget, Nettles mentioned the district received almost all their fourth-quarter payments and the state is now only $6,600 behind. 


Tuesday night at the Board of Education meeting, Stephen Oswald and John Heinlen were sworn in as new board members to replace the late Ron Conner and Cole Ritter, who resigned his post recently. 

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