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Clinton Schools Plan on Using Reserves to Fill Deficit, Maintain Lower Tax Rate

Clinton School's Fiscal Year '20 budget will have a deficit in the general education fund, but district leadership plans to use reserves to fill the void so they don't have to raise a very low tax rate.


Superintendent Curt Nettles calls it a typical budget for the district. He points out they are going to project a deficit but will plan to use reserves to cover a roughly $500,000 deficit out of a $14-million budget. 



Earlier this summer, the district adjusted their investments and because of that, that will allow them the flexibility to use reserves to fill the void of the half-million-dollars. Nettles indicates it also allows them to maintain their already very low tax rate.



According to Nettles, the district would have to go to referendum to increase their tax rate just a little to fill that void. He doesn't feel that is necessary as their reserves are intended for instances such as this.



Among the nine funds the district has, Nettles explains when they total-up the entirety of the budget, they project to finish in the black. 

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