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A McLean County school district is focusing on the emotional and mental well-being of their students in a new partnership with Chestnut Health Systems.


Superintendent of Heyworth Schools, Lisa Taylor explains the mental and emotional health of today's youth needs to be made a priority and they are making it just that with a recently announced partnership with Chestnut Health Systems.



Taylor explains there is a wide range of issues facing students in today's world. From the general pressures of being a teenager to home life that may not be very good to the growing challenges associated with social media are some of the things that impact teens.



In today's world, going home isn't an escape from the things at school. Taylor explains the access to social media and seeing what your friends are doing brings its own set of challenges.



Taylor credits the work done by their school social workers, who are focused on working with the kids at a more personal level to help them understand the impacts the things they do on social media has an impact even though there isn't a face to face interaction. 


The job has been posted and Taylor hopes someone will be in their building this month. 

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