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Vaping among youth has exploded across the country and central Illinois communities have taken action at various times over the past few years to try to curb this growing epidemic.


The Clinton City Council last week passed an ordinance that would fine students $100 if they are caught vaping at school and Principal of Jerry Wayne weighed in on the issue Wednesday morning on the WHOW Morning Show. Wayne says vaping has exploded among his students. 



According to Wayne, vaping devices are being created to help be discrete and easy to hide for students. He says it might be the number one problem in schools right now.



As this problem continues to be rampant among youth today, Wayne says now the emphasis not only shifts to increasing the penalties but also educating students and parents on this. Like many other things, he is focused on having personal conversations with the kids in his building about the impacts this can have on them.



As for the $100 fine students would face if they are caught with vaping devices at school, Wayne points out that is also a city-wide change, so it impacts teens outside the school walls as well. He believes the ordinance update was a necessary change. 

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