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The Better Business Bureau is warning you of a new scam going around. These scammers are sending out emails claiming that they have evidence of you looking up pornographic sites, and threaten to share them with family, friends, and co-workers. They try to use these emails as blackmail and scare individuals into giving them money.


It’s called sextortion. Better Business Bureau spokesman Don O’Brien tells The Big Z these scammers want to be paid in bitcoin, virtual currency, or gift cards, all of which are hard to trace.



Red flags to be aware of in these emails are if the scammer doesn’t provide any details on the supposed site, can’t support their threat with evidence, and if they ask for urgent ransom. 

O’Brien says the best thing you can do is to ignore any of these emails and never send them any money. For more information on this scam or for more tips on how to protect yourself you can visit bbb.org.

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