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Blue Ridge teachers could go on strike if a deal isn't reached with the Blue Ridge Board of Education and the first step towards that was taken Sunday evening.


The Blue Ridge Federation received what they call overwhelming approval for a strike exploratory committee. According to a release from the Federation, they were surprised and disappointed with the Board’s latest proposal. 


Quote - "According to the union, the Board still seems unwilling to take steps to address the issues that will help stop the revolving door for staff at Blue Ridge. Another session is scheduled later this month."


Blue Ridge Superintendent Susan Wilson released a statement Monday, quote - "We have received word the Blue Ridge Federation met Sunday night and voted to form a Strike Exploratory Committee. The Blue Ridge Board of Education respects and values the work of our employees. We remain committed and hopeful that we will come to an agreement that is fair to our employees and maintains the financial health of the school district. "


Federation President Don Anton said in a release Sunday, quote - "This committee will help us plan for how to best execute a strike and support members for whom a strike would cause a financial burden.”


The Federation says it has had one mediation session with the Board.


The two sides will meet again on September 24. 

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