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The Central Illinois CEO Program is more than just field trips and some hands on learning opportunities.


That's the message from CEO Program Facilitator Melanie Brown who says they are spending the early portion of the program introducing students to the most basic skills like handshakes, looking someone in the eye and the proper way to present themselves. Thursday morning on the WHOW Morning Show, she called it branding themselves. 



Part of the program is to visit various businesses at their locations and learn not only about what they do but take advice in regards to business. Brown is trying to shift the mindset of their students away from thinking of these visits as 'field trips'.



The bottom line of the program is to show the students there are opportunities in their hometown and give them the skills to start up a business and make it a successful endeavor. CEO Board President Justin Fentress says there are a lot of great opportunities locally.



The program showcases what they are doing and basic details at centralillinoisceo.com or you can follow them on Facebook by searching "centralilceo". 


Around ten students from Clinton, Blue Ridge, Maroa-Forsyth and Warrensburg-Latham schools are participating in this first-year program. 

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