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DeWitt County Board Unpacks Loaded Subjects

Taxing marijuana, wind farms and Farmer City ambulance service were among a lineup of topics the DeWitt County Board unpacked Thursday night at their monthly meeting.


Land Use Committee Chair Terry Ferguson updated the board on the ongoing saga of the approval of Tradewind Energy's application for a wind farm in northwest DeWitt County. According to Ferguson, the application has yet to be approved and the Committee is going to have to set a special meeting to get things figured out.



There is some uncertainty surrounding the future of ambulance services in Farmer City. Safety Committee Chair Lance Reece says the County has been approached about expanding EMS services to Farmer City once Arrow Ambulance service agreement expires.



According to Reece, EMS leadership has agreed to work with the committee and Farmer City to try to get services to that community once their agreement expires next summer.


Thursday night, the DeWitt County Board also tackled the issue of a tax rate for marijuana. Finance Committee Chair Camille Redman says this is simply setting a tax rate if sales were to be allowed in the County and it had to be submitted to the State of Illinois this month to be approved by them by December 31.



DeWitt County Board Chair David Newberg, responding to a brief expression of opposition, explains this is simply setting the tax rate for incorporated and unincorporated areas. 



In addition to the Land Use Committee discussing the status of Tradewind's application, the Committee is also being charged with directing the Regional Planning Commission regarding cannabis regulations. 

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