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DeWitt County Gets Nearly Inch of Rain in Overnight Friday

Around an inch of rain fell in DeWitt County Friday night into Saturday morning and even higher amounts were seen in parts of central Illinois.


According to cocorahs.org (coco-raws), just short of an inch of rain fell in Clinton and near Farmer City, there were two reports of the same amount.


Several reports at cocorahs Saturday morning indicate between nine-tenths and an inch-and-a-tenth fell in Lincoln in Logan County. Near Chestnut, an inch-and-two-fifths were reported. Between Chestnut and Beason, around the same amount was reported.


Near Elkhart, an inch and a fifth were reported. 


Between Emden and San Jose (Joe's), there was a report of an inch-and-nine-tenths. 


Near the Mason County line, just short of an inch-and-a-half was reported. 


In an inch-and-a-quarter was reported in Monticello while just short of nine-tenths was reported south of Cisco. Just outside of Deland, over an inch was reported and to the east of there at the Champaign County line, a report of just short of an inch was reported and a few miles north, a report of seven-tenths was reported. In far southern Piatt County, a report of a quarter-inch was reported near Hammond. 


In McLean County, reports varied in Bloomington normal. Just to the west of Interstate 55, an inch-and-six-tenths was reported and in Bloomington/Normal, there was a report of an inch-and-seven-tenth. Near the airport, reports range near a two-and-a-quarter. North of Bloomington-Normal, an inch-nine-tenths. 


In Lexington, just over an inch-and-a-half was reported. In Heyworth, there are a couple of reports of an inch-and-a-third. Between Heyworth and LeRoy on Route 136, an inch-and-a-tenth was reported. At the McLean/DeWitt County line, an inch-and-a-third was reported. To the northwest of LeRoy, there was a report of an inch-and-a-tenth. 


South of Route 9 near Ellsworth, there is a report of an-inch-and-a-third and to the east of that marker, north of Saybrook, an inch-and-a-tenth was reported. 


Champaign County was spared of the higher amounts of rain Friday night and Saturday morning. 

In Champaign-Urbana, reports ranged from a third to a half, to two-thirds and three-quarters of an inch of rain were reported.


In Mahomet, three-quarters-of-an-inch was reported. Between Fisher and Gibson City in northwest Champaign County, reports range between over an inch-and-a-tenth and an inch-and-two-fifths. 


CoCoRaHS is an acronym for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network.  CoCoRaHS is a unique, non-profit, community-based network of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds working together to measure and map precipitation - including rain, hail, and snow - in all fifty states. 

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