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Veterans helping veterans is the goal of the Am-Vets and the Clinton chapter uses the big Apple n' Pork weekend to help further that cause.


Ed Beck says they help local veterans and also donate time, materials and money to places like the Danville Veterans Hospital. He says everyone in the community is in the Apple n' Pork Festival together, raising money to support their causes.



The Am-Vets recently have been trying to get momentum behind their Dennis Davenport Am Vets Post 14 scholarship. Beck says they want to give five scholarships a year away but have had a hard time reaching that number.



During the Apple n' Pork weekend, Am-Vets were collecting money to continue that scholarship fund. According to Beck, Davenport contributed the first $20,000 and they want to continue that on.


Get more information by joining the Am-Vets for their monthly meetings, the second Mondays of each month at their location at 302 North Monroe Street in Clinton. 

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