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Teens in DeWitt County were hard at work during the Apple n' Pork Festival raising money for their high-intensity adventures through the Venture Club.


The Venture Club is an extension of the Scouts program and Bobby Kreitler says they've already done a lot this year and used the Apple n' Pork weekend to raise money to continue with adventures.



According to Kreitler, the Apple n' Pork says the festival funds a majority of their summer activities. He indicates without the fundraising that happens at the annual festival, it would put more of the cost on the families in their program.



The Venture Club has about 12 members made up of both boys and girls. Kreitler says they welcome new members and hopes anyone with questions will check out their meetings the second and fourth Mondays of the month.


They also offer a closed Facebook group and Kreitler notes they are also working on developing a website.

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