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As State Budge Picture Brightens, So Does State Funded Non-Profits

It's not just school districts who are finding state funding to be more reliable in the last year, so too are non-profits that rely on the government for money.


Jennifer Tolladay with DeWitt County DOVE says the state's improved financial picture has meant more dedication to their group to help support victims of domestic violence. She says that has resulted in better response to victims of the community. 



Because funding is helping improve their staffing, the improved staffing is resulting in better response to the victims of the community. Tolladay says instead of victims giving up on help because they can't get help, they're able to help more people.



During the tough times when funding was thin, Tolladay says law enforcement in DeWitt County was very proactive in helping her respond to emergencies. She calls them "super supportive". 


To learn more about DeWitt County DOVE or receive help, contact them at 217-935-6619 or call their 24/7 hotline at 217-935-6672. 

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