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Cold Blast, Snow Sets Records in Central Illinois

Record snow fell in Lincoln and Springfield, meanwhile Lincoln, Springfield, and Peoria experienced record cold this week.


Snowfall amounts of 2.5-inches were recorded in Lincoln Monday - breaking the record of 2-inches from 1995. 


Monday in Springfield, 4.7-inches of snow fell shattering the 2013 record of seven-tenths of an inch of snow.


Also Monday, Lincoln, Springfield, and Peoria set records for low-temperatures. 13-degrees in Peoria and Springfield tied the 1995 low temperature. Lincoln's 13-degrees tied their record low from 1913.


As for Tuesday, the 18-degrees in Peoria tied the previous high temperature from 1911.


18-degrees Tuesday was the new record for Lincoln, breaking 27-degrees from 1995. 


In Springfield, Tuesday's 18-degree high came in one-degree cooler than 1911.


Low temperatures Tuesday were new records in all three places. 


In Peoria, 5-degrees broke the 1986 record of 9-degrees. Lincoln's 4-degree low broke the 1910 record of 10-degrees. And in Peoria, 5-degrees broke the 1986 and 1995 records of 12-degrees. 


Temperatures are expected to remain cool through the weekend but the National Weather Service told Regional Radio News last week, the second half of November is showing above-normal temperatures.

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