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Census Could Impact Community Action

The State of Illinois has invested millions of dollars into making sure everyone in the state participates in the 2020 census. While millions of dollars are unavailable to a central Illinois non-profit, one is taking the census just as seriously. 


Community Action has grant funding and other sources of revenue that depend on getting an accurate count of residents locally. Wednesday Morning on the WHOW Morning Show, Executive Director Alison Rumler-Gomez explained funding is divided up based on the percent of the population in certain areas.



To make sure seniors and low-income residents get their information in for the census, Rumler-Gomez says they are planning some outreach measures.



Funding getting cut would mean one thing - a reduction in services. Rumler-Gomez says Community Action could, and would, certainly reach out and seek more private funding to help supplement any losses of revenue.



According to Rumler-Gomez, around 80-percent of Community Action's funding comes from state and federal dollars. Any decrease in that would increase their reliance on fundraising and private partnerships. 

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