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Sen. Rose Addresses Vaping Measures

Teens vaping, deaths caused by vaping and the impacts of this new phenomenon are all part of pieces of legislation in Springfield lawmakers will likely take up at some point in the coming year. 


A central Illinois lawmaker believes the media has created a hysteria around this and turned made it difficult to figure out what the right public health decision should be.



That's State Senator Chapin Rose. Illinois has banned the sales of flavored vapes towards youth but Sen. Rose points out the hypocrisy of implementing a ban of vape products altogether when you can drink flavored alcohols and soon you'll be able to consume all sorts of varieties of marijuana.



According to the Senator, he hasn't seen medical evidence from either side of the argument. He feels that information would be very helpful in coming up with a policy around this growing craze. 



If flavor bans come forward in the legislature, Sen. Rose says he will vote against that measure because adults should be able to make their own decisions on a product that is legal.

Sen. Rose also predicts the coming legalization of recreational marijuana shocking the public with the results. 

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