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Clinton High School Principal Sounds Off on Public Perception of District Passion

The emotional reaction to tragic events can create a social media firestorm of accusations and speculation. Administrators in Clinton schools have been dealing with such things this week in light of a Clinton Elementary student who tragically passed away late last week.


Tuesday night at the Clinton Board of Education meeting, high school principal Jerry Wayne says he'll never apologize for wanting to do what is best for his students.



According to Wayne, his students were selected to be a part of a training opportunity that will help them to recognize and help their peers who are in need of help. He says it was made possible at the suggestion of one of the high school teachers.



Wayne points out mental health has been a focus of staff across the district for some time. He is unapologetic to anyone who has no knowledge of the things happening in the buildings of the schools.



Changing the culture in the schools has been a focus for a few years now and Wayne says it all centers around building relationships with the students. He feels this year has been a "tipping point".



Wayne feels there has been a complete shift in the approach they are taking and believes it will result in gains that will allow them to build on the educational side of things. 


Each building principal gave updates of the things happening in their buildings Wednesday night before the Board of Education. 

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