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Bement Schools Decline Option for E-Learning Days

Schools across Illinois are deciding in recent months whether to pursue e-learning days when the weather keeps students from being in the classroom.


As school leaders decide what is best for their districts, the results of those decisions are varied across the area. Bement Schools recently decided e-learning days weren't what they felt was best for them and their Superintendent Dr. Sheila Greenwood says connectivity in their area is an issue for some of their students.



Districts have declined e-learning opportunities because of the lack of face-to-face attention from an educator. Dr. Greenwood indicates the prospect of not having to make up a snow day isn't enough of an incentive for them.



While access for their students would be a challenge in some places, Dr. Greenwood believes the restrictions that come with such a measure would be too for them as well.



According to Dr. Greenwood, Bement schools are over 50-percent low-income ratio because of that, they have found it difficult to implement other measures. She points out an e-learning policy would put those students at a huge disadvantage. 

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