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Maroa-Forsyth Schools To Implement E-Learning Days

Districts across central Illinois vary on their plans for e-learning opportunities when students are unable to be in the classroom.


Some are passing on the opportunity while others are embracing it. Dr. John Ahlemeyer at Maroa-Forsyth Schools says his district has implemented an e-learning policy. He indicates the thought is learning is already taking place outside the classroom setting and they are going to embrace that.



According to Dr. Ahlemeyer, there were several hoops to jump through before they could implement the policy but they will be ready to implement their policy starting January 1, 2020.



The younger a student gets, the bigger the challenge becomes to create an effective at-home learning experience. Dr. Ahlemeyer explains they will reinforce lessons already in place.



If students do not get their take homework done during an e-learning day, it will be treated as an absence from school, however, just like when a student is absent, they will still be able to make it up. 


For Dr. Ahlemeyer, learning is already happening in front of electronic devices as it is so he believes they should be receiving credit for it. Additionally, e-learning days eliminate the need to amend their calendars in the event snow or weather days keep them from attending school. 

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