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Warrensburg-Latham Schools Leader Talks New Designations

The grades are out for local schools.


Last month the State Board allowed Illinois school districts to release the data in their school report cards, furthermore, the results of their testing and the designations based on those test scores. While the designations are based on the testing scores, Warrensburg-Latham Schools Superintendent Dr. Kristen Kendrick-Weikle says the report card encompasses several data points.



The designation considers things as specific as attendance. Dr. Kendrick-Weikle explains the report card also tracks how schools are doing on testing with a goal of all districts meeting or exceeding their targets by 2032. 



The report also tracks student growth. Dr. Kendrick-Weikle indicates next year, their high school students will be judged for college or career readiness. She points out, there are opportunities for students in this area but they've never been asked to keep track of those.



Dr. Kendrick-Weikle is very in tune with the student growth part of the report card. She feels it can be a very good thing to consider how students have progressed as each one is different with a different background.



To streamline information within the school district, tracking programs districts use will have to be updated to aid in providing the state with the information they are requiring. Dr. Kendrick-Weikle anticipates those updates being made ahead of next year. 

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