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Social Security Talks Disability and Workers Comp Impacts on Benefits

Can certain disability payments or workers' compensation impact your Social Security disability benefits?


It all depends on the scenario but Jack Myers with Social Security says it is best to double-check and make sure. He points out there some benefits that will reduce your benefits.



The difference between workers' comp benefits and a public disability benefit are important to know. Myers breaks it down and notes you need to be careful and make sure you know how the various benefits will impact your Social Security.



Myers points out a major factor in determining your Social Security benefits are based on taxes. He explains if Social Security taxes were deducted, the public disability benefit will not affect your Social Security. 



According to Myers, public disability benefits that do not impact your Social Security benefits are Veterans Administration (VA) benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Additionally, it is important to report receipt of any changes to Workers' Compensation and public disability benefits if you are receiving Social Security disability.


To learn more about this topic, look for the Social Security publication, "How Workers' Compensation and Other Disability Payments May Affect Your Benefits" at socialsecurity.gov.

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