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Social Security on Working and Receiving Retirement Benefits

Social Security officials often get asked if an individual can work and still receive retirement benefits. 


Jack Myers with Social Security confirms that can be something someone decides to do but he cautions about making sure their earnings don't exceed a certain amount, otherwise, they may be subject to a penalty.



According to Myers, if you retire before your Social Security full retirement age, there are income guidelines you will need to know. He adds there are two possible earning limits.



If you are at or above your full retirement age in a calendar year, things get sticky. Myers breaks down what those numbers look like and how they break down....



Exceeding the limits does not preclude someone from drawing Social Security benefits but Myers explains you pay back $1 of Social for every $2 over the limit you go.



Get more information on this topic by finding the publication "How Work Affects Your Benefits" at socialsecurity.gov. You can also contact your local Social Security office or stop in and talk to one of their public affairs specialists. 

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