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Heyworth Schools Improve Network

As technology becomes a bigger part of the learning environment in schools, districts need to have the infrastructure in place to handle the capacity they're using.


Superintendent of Heyworth Schools, Lisa Taylor indicates they have upgraded their network because they have hundreds of kids using technology at a given time. She indicates a part of the new addition the district is working on will include improvements of the infrastructure.



The shift in concern is interesting as Taylor points out if the power goes out, no one seems to bat an eye because of back-up battery power to devices and a larger extent, buildings and such. But she points out if the internet is down, that can hold up a school day. 



Heyworth schools recently decided they would be embarking on e-learning days in their district when students cannot be in school because of the weather. That makes the connectivity for students away from the school setting just as important. 

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