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County Board Chair Updates On Farmer City Ambulance Situation

The exploration of what to do about ambulance services in Farmer City is ongoing.


Arrow Ambulance's agreement with the Farmer City Fire Protection District expires in the middle of next year and county leadership and Farmer City leadership are working to figure out a solution for what is next for that service in that part of the County. DeWitt County Board Chair David Newberg says right now, things are at a standstill as the two sides explore their options.



The DeWitt County Board's Public Safety Committee is looking for Farmer City officials and representatives to give them a proposal of what they are looking for. Newberg says right now they are concerned about doing what is best for everybody.



If the DeWitt County ambulance service based in Clinton were to take over the Farmer City area, that would have to go to referendum for them to join the tax district in place. Newberg indicates there's a number of complexities that come with that idea.



According to Newberg, as things move along, they intend on making sure that portion of the County gets taken care of for emergency medical services and hopes a resolution is reached very soon as he does not want this to linger. 

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