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First-year Superintendent in Mt. Pulaski, Fred Lamkey is relying on his staff to help him make a big decision.


Schools across the state are deciding how to proceed with the prospect of having students learn at home when the weather keeps kids from being in class. Communities districts are varied in how they are proceeding with this opportunity but for now, Lamkey says his staff has indicated to him they are not for e-learning.



Mt. Pulaski students have an iPad they take to and from school each day. And while that would open up the opportunity, Lamkey indicates the preparation for an e-learning day would be too much. He says right now anything students would work on during an e-learning day would be busywork.



While Mt. Pulaski is not going to take advantage of the opportunity, Lamkey says this is a valuable opportunity for other districts. He won't completely dismiss perhaps it becoming an option for them in the future.



Heyworth and Maroa-Forsyth schools are among those that have elected to give e-learning a try this year while Clinton, Monticello, and Warrensburg-Latham are among those locally that are declining on the opportunity. 

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