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Central Illinois Lawmaker Disappointed No Action Taken on Ethics Reforms

A central Illinois lawmaker is disappointed the recent fall veto session ended without any action on ethics reforms.


Republicans brought forward their ideas on what to pass but State Representative Dan Caulkins of Decatur says all the bills were ignored by Illinois Democrats.



According to Caulkins, the final hours of the fall veto session came with a proposal of a task force to come up with solutions on the matter. Rep. Caulkins believes Democrats are not serious about the issue.



Rep. Caulkins believes if Democrats wanted to keep Republicans from getting a win, they could have drafted their legislation, put it forward and he believes Republicans would have supported it if it mirrored the Republicans bill.



The Republican says there are known members of the Chicago City Council and a member of the Senate has been wired up for over a year. He feels Democrats missed an opportunity to show the voters they are serious about ethics reforms. 

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