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Warner Hospital CEO Credits Board With Financial Health Status

Clinton City leaders have called Warner Hospital and Health Services in the best financial position they've ever seen and the leader of the city-owned entity is crediting his Board for that praise.


CEO Paul Skowron indicates nearly five years ago, the Board took on strategic planning and the work out of that plan is starting to pay dividends.



According to Skowron, the hospital's relationship with larger healthcare groups has improved and he says that is allowing them more opportunities. He adds those groups are noticing what Warner Hospital and Health Services are doing and want to be a part of it.



The expansion of services and the specialty clinic offerings have grown in Skowron's time as the leader of the hospital. He indicates that will continue to be a focus for him and their leadership.



The hospital employs 150 people with 35-percent making up residents of DeWitt County. Skowron indicates as they also attract good clinicians and doctors, they attract good employees. He notes having a successful hospital in Clinton and DeWitt County makes the community more attractive for potential developers, employers, and businesses. 

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