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Keeping The Pounds Off During The Holidays

As we get out to those holiday parties full of sweet treats, salty snacks and carb-filled dinners, a nutrition expert at the University of Illinois has some tips on how to keep from overindulging this holiday season. 


Caitlin Mellendorf at the University of Illinois Extension says it can be rare you get to choose the menu, but if you can find some fruits or vegetables to compliment your food, that is always recommended.



Eating smaller portions at parties or gatherings can help control food intake as well. Mellendorf explains there are some psychological things you can do like using a smaller plate, fill it up and then take a break before thinking about grabbing a second serving.



While nutrition experts like Mellendorf are always willing to take on your questions, there are several digital resources as well. Mellendorf points individuals to the USDA website for recommendations on cooking temperatures for various foods or the Extension website for recipes.



While those who are very aware of their carbs or calories count may fret over these types of gatherings, Mellendorf says these types of meals are likely just once a day, allowing you the rest of the day to get your healthy foods in. 

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