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DeLand-Weldon Schools Working Towards E-Learning Policy

Many school districts have made their decisions regarding an e-learning policy but a DeWitt County district is still in the exploration process.


Wednesday morning on the WHOW Morning Show, Amanda Geary, Superintendent of the DeLand-Weldon school district, indicated their upcoming Board of Education meeting will feature an update on the district's progress towards coming up with a policy for an at-home learning day.



For Geary and her staff, there is a lot to consider with this policy. From the staff that works an hourly rate that would lose workdays to students that would end up in a child care setting, how students could get in the mandated hours of work is something they are working hard on.



If things do not go well or for whatever reason, an e-learning policy is not working out, Geary says they will scrap it and resume their old policy. She feels there is no reason to continue with a policy that is not working. 



DeLand-Weldon students in seventh through twelfth grade are equipped with devices they can take home so their work would be electronic but Geary says younger students would have pencil and paperwork. She indicates another challenge she sees is how often in a given year would they need to implement an e-learning day. She says her preference would be just two or three days. 


The DeLand-Weldon Board of Education will meet next Wednesday night. 

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