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Clinton Police Chief Sounds Off on Bullying, Social Media Outrage

A local authority figure is tired of outrageous claims on social media and is sounding off on speculation and uninformed claims that stem from social media.


Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers says social media can be a damaging place and speculation and accusations made there are not fair to anyone. Bullying has become a buzzword in local forums and he points out the DARE program, which he leads, is a great introduction to how to handle bullying.



He calls bullying one of the most significant topics our youth are dealing with. The Chief indicates they go beyond the DARE curriculum to address this issue. Bullying though has evolved in just the last five to ten years.



The Chief believes there is a misconception of what bullying is. He says there is a very big difference between a simple disagreement and what constitutes bullying.



The Chief believes kids are losing communication skills in face-to-face communication. He says the more impersonal these interactions become, the more tremendous cyber-bullying becomes. 


Lowers had plenty more to say on this subject and we'll hear more from him next week on Regional Radio News. 

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