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Chicago Lawmakers Propose Repeal of 2016 Energy Bill That Would Impact Clinton Nuclear Power Plant

Earlier this week, a pair of Chicago area lawmakers filed legislation that would repeal aspects of the state's comprehensive energy bill from 2016 that allowed the Clinton Exelon Nuclear Power Plant a life-source of ten years.


The bill sponsored by Republican State Representative Mark Batinick of Plainfield and co-sponsored by Democrat Kelly Cassidy of Chicago says the FBI investigation into ComEd is concerning and the subsidies provided them should be reviewed but Republican Representative Dan Caulkins says if that is the case, why not repeal the whole bill and start over.



Rep. Caulkins calls the bill short-sited and says repealing this bill would impact his district, in particular. He wonders if this is political cover with the new green deal advocates.



Exelon has been under fire from federal officials recently. The companies are facing federal grand jury subpoenas over lobbying activities and now the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating those activities, and the company announced they are cooperating. 


Additionally, the Exelon Utilities CEO Anne Pramaggiore retired in mid-October. Reports indicate Pramaggiore has been connected to the ongoing investigation. 

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