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Social Media Has Forced Public Entities to Adjust

Public entities like law enforcement and the public school system have come under fire in recent weeks and a local law enforcement official recently defended his staff and the Clinton school district.


The Clinton Police Department's school resource officer, along with the school district and its administration have seen a tremendous shift in the things they deal with thanks to social media. Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers says it has been the focus of a lot of their time and resources.



Blame from social media gets directed towards all sorts of places. Chief Lowers believes the blame is part of the grieving process because we want answers. He says we may never get the answers we're looking for.



According to Chief Lowers, the accusations and subsequent media outrage over those comments are out of hand. He wishes individuals on social media would consider their sources and do more to gather factual information.



The Chief has plenty more to say about parents monitoring the things their kids are doing online and the outrage mob that comes when posts are made that rarely rely on facts. 


We'll hear more from Chief Lowers throughout the week on Regional Radio News. 

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