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Woodhenge Welcomes Winter

The Winter Solstice is Saturday, and an Illinois historic site is again celebrating the event. Woodhenge at Cahokia Mounds will be where people gather at 7am Sunday to see dawn break over the reconstruction of the calendar used when Cahokia Mounds was home to thousands of Native Americans.


Assistant site manager Bill Iseminger (EYES-ming-gur) explains the event.



Out of respect for Native American beliefs, no rituals or ceremonies will be held at the free event, but visitors will stand in the same place where the Mississippian people once gathered to watch the sun rise one thousand years ago. You can find out more about Woodhenge or other events taking place at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site by calling 346-5160 or going to http://www.cahokiamounds.org/

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