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Clinton Police Chief Continues Campaign on Bullying, Social Media

Do you know how your kids are spending their time on electronic devices? 


That is the question from Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers to parents. The Chief indicates it is very important parents understand the places their kids are online and know what their kids are doing there. 



The Chief credits various community groups for their efforts to bring education to the community. He points to The Vault who brought Det. Rich Wistocki from the Chicago area to speak with parents. Additionally, he credits school district staff for their recently announced efforts to bring mental health first aid opportunities to their students.



Chief Lowers believes adults and parents set an irresponsible example when quickly reverting to social networking to air complaints and criticisms, and that in most circumstances, an attempt to remedy the grievance is better suited addressed in a respectful manner to the appropriate person, business, or entity involved and up the chain of command if necessary. 



The Chief encourages parents to monitor and know what their kids are doing on their devices. He says you have to take a stand and show some leadership.

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