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Helping Out Grandma or Grandpa Navigate Social Security Website A Good Way to Give Back

Giving back to a grandmother or grandfather can be a challenge for some around the holidays but Social Security has a suggestion that they feel might be very meaningful.


Since more and more business for Social Security is going electronic and many in the older generation struggle to keep up with the latest in technology, Jack Myers with Social Security suggests spending an hour or two helping that loved one in your life navigate through their website.



If helping your loved one with multiple items of business through Social Security or they need help more frequently, Myers encourages families to consider the Representative Payee program. He explains this places a family member's name on the Social Security or SSI record and allows you to conduct business on that loved one's behalf.


Becoming a Representative Payee is a fairly easy process. Myers explains they inquire with the person's doctor, interviews with the family member and the potential individual taking over those rights.

For more information, visit socialsecurity.gov/payee. 

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