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Illinois Youth Survey to be Administered in 2020

A biennial statewide survey of students is going to be held in 2020.


Tony Kirkman with the Piatt County Mental Health Center, indicates the Illinois Youth Survey is conducted among 8th, 10th, and 12th-grade students every two years. The survey covers a wide range of topics from alcohol and illegal substance usage to mental health and bullying.



Kirkman says they start administering the survey in January and hope to be done between February and March. He notes the survey can be conducted either electronically or by paper and hope to have seventy percent of students participate.



Kirkman reports the results from the survey can contribute to grants at the state and federal levels. The Monticello community recently qualified for a federal grant based on the survey data.



To find out more about the Illinois Youth Survey and view data visit iys.cprd.illinois.edu.  

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