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DeWitt County School Leader Weighs In On School Designations

A DeWitt County School leader isn't a fan of the school designations systems even though her district improved its statuses this year.


Amanda Geary is the Superintendent of DeLand-Weldon schools and indicates her student body is so small, if even just a few students struggle with the assessments, they could significantly impact the overall score of their district.



DeLand-Weldon Elementary and Middle School students were commendable this year but Geary points out their high school students did not have enough tests to receive a designation. She says they are still able to see the data from those tests and believes they still have some work to be done.



DeLand-Weldon has all their report card data available on the district website, dwschools.org. Geary encourages anyone curious about what is happening in their district on a day-to-day basis to find them on Facebook. 

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