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DeWitt County Board Chair Updates on Latest With Farmer City Ambulance Service

As we enter a new calendar year, an ambulance district in Farmer City will have its agreement expire with their provider and right now things are in the exploration process of what is next for those residents.


Earlier this month, DeWitt County Board Chair David Newberg updated us with the latest of where things stand for what is next. He explains the State's Attorney, Farmer City's attorney, and the ambulance service in Farmer City continue to explore their options.



According to Newberg, the situation seems to have two options. The first would involve an intergovernmental agreement with a referendum to bring the Farmer City district in with the PSI service that exists for the rest of the county. The other is to extend the existing levy in Farmer City to get them to the end of 2020.



Newberg reminds residents when PSI came to DeWitt County several years ago after Warner Hospital ceased providing ambulance service, their levy did not include the Farmer City area because of their existing levy and agreement with Arrow Ambulance Service.



While the Farmer City agreement with Arrow Ambulance Service expires June 30, 2020, Newberg notes the agreement with PSI for the rest of the County runs until 2026. 

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