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State Representative Dan Caulkins Talks Tax Increases for 2020

Minimum wage and the gas tax increases are the two most prominent reforms the public is likely aware of as we head into 2020 but a central Illinois lawmaker says there are several tax changes that will impact Illinois residents.


State Representative Dan Caulkins says there is a change in the taxes of a trade-in for vehicles. He explains the automotive dealers of central Illinois are trying to make consumers aware of this change.



The Representative says while this might not seem like an attack on the middle-class, he believes it is more of the same from their Democratic colleagues in Springfield.



Changes are also coming to public parking lots. Rep. Caulkins explains the state is going to be taxing individual parking spaces in public parking lots and does not foresee owners of those lots absorbing those costs.



Rep. Caulkins says Illinois Democrats are after your money in any or form they can get it.


The Representative also discussed the new laws that are coming in Illinois, we'll have more on that on the other side of the new year on Regional Radio News. 

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