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The Tradewind Energy application now at the Zoning Board of Appeals level, the Tradewind team says they are focused on emphasizes the facts surrounding the issues of Doppler radar and wind turbines.


Tom Swierczewski is the project Development Manager. He spent the first two nights of the hearings last week providing the ZBA with an overview of the project. He calls it a positive first week.



The Tradewind team brought in what they call a premier expert in the field of wind turbines and weather radar in the country. Swierczewski says the topic has been a central topic since the last round of hearings last year. 



According to Swierczewski, the notion this project will jeopardize the safety of DeWitt County residents is not true. Additionally, during weather events when a warning is issued, the turbines will be turned off.



The ZBA hearings are being held at The Abigail in Clinton and will be held throughout January. 

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