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Heyworth schools have started a capital campaign to add a video scoreboard to their football field.


Heyworth Superintendent Lisa Taylor indicates when discussions on their current facilities renovation began, the idea of a video scoreboard came up. The feelings of community members is a video board would be a great addition to their football facility, but could also have purposes. 



According to Taylor, many communities that surround McLean County have a one-cent sales tax in place that benefits school facilities, but they are not able to tap into those types of funds, which is why fundraising is the course of action to make this happen.



Taylor notes Heyworth has a booster club in the formative stage and looks forward to working with them on the scoreboard campaign. She feels the advertising campaign is a win-win for businesses with promoting their business and helping Heyworth schools.



Taylor says the video scoreboards will cost approximately $300,000 and their Board has budgeted for half. She notes the community has been very supportive so far with giving.

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