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We're just a mere two weeks into the legalization of recreational cannabis in Illinois and a DeWitt County law enforcement official says there are a lot of things about the new laws that are not well put together.


DeWitt County Sheriff Mike Walker says the law was rushed and put together very poorly, pointing to open containers of legal cannabis, and whether possessing those in public or a vehicle is a violation.



Many have been critical of the inability of law enforcement to be able to accurately measure a driver's intoxication level but Sheriff Walker says they'll be able to do their typical sobriety tests until something is developed.



Not only could things get sticky from a legal perspective, but Sheriff Walker explains employers adopting a zero-tolerance policy on cannabis could be in a tough spot as well.



According to Sheriff Walker, hospitals are seeing a spike in emergency room visits from people that have used too much marijuana already. He notes, other parts of the country with legalized cannabis, for every dollar generated from marijuana sales, they are spending four-dollars in health care to treat illnesses associated with it. 

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