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Clinton City Administrator Questions Logistics of Property Tax Freeze Proposal

What would a property tax freeze look like if it was to pass in Springfield?


That is one of the many questions being asked by Clinton City Administrator Tim Followell who questions if lawmakers in Springfield understand the logistics of their idea. He notes, depending on how they want to tackle the issue will determine how much of an impact it has.



Throw in the wrench that each community levees differently and Followell says it will be interesting to find out what their plans are for how they want to go about freezing rates. He believes the ultimate goal is to impact pensions.



However the State decides to proceed with the legislation, it will most likely going to impact all layers of government. While details on this idea are scarce right now, Followell believes there is more happening behind closed doors.



Followell believes you don't have to look any further than the issues the rushed legislation to legalize recreational marijuana as an example of legislation being messed up by being rushed. 

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