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Madigan Defends Release of Search Warrant Under FOIA

How did a search warrant for Speaker of the House Mike Madigan’s office get released under FOIA if the case was supposed to be filed under seal and the search warrant was not to be disclosed? The warrant is tied to a sexual misconduct allegation against former State Rep. Jack Franks. Franks is no longer a state lawmaker and the allegations were filed against him in 2018. Madigan says he rightfully responded to the FOIA because lawyers disagree if the warrant needed to be released and his interest was to protect the identity of the victim.



The Sangamon County State’s Attorney disagrees with the Speaker's office over the release of the details in the search warrant. Madigan says he’s the one who called the Sangamon County State’s Attorney after the initial complaint was leveled against Frank’s in 2018. Franks now the McHenry County Board Chairman and denies any wrongdoing.

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