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Durbin Previews Big Vote for Student Loan Borrowers

US Senator Dick Durbin says veterans and other students are being harmed by a Trump Administration rule that will protect for profit universities and cost students their educational investment. Durbin says students at for profit universities are at times mislead that the GI Bill will cover the entire cost of their education; find that credits don’t always transfer and are misled about job prospects after graduation.


Durbin says a vote is coming to overturn the Department of Education’s Borrower Defense Rule. A rule that he says makes it all but impossible for former students to hold for profit colleges accountable for misleading educational claims. Durbin says he hopes that Republicans in the Senate will listen to veterans groups about the real cost of defrauding them.



Durbin says borrowers are supposed to be able to use an existing law to fight to get their money back but the new rule by the Administration goes against what Congress intended.

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