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Clinton Schools Leader Weighs in on Students Adversity

School leaders across the country are becoming increasingly aware of students' inability to deal with adversity and local school leaders are starting to weigh in on this phenomenon.


Warrensburg-Latham Schools leader Dr. Kristen Kendrick-Weikle recently began a series of social media discussion groups surrounding this and Wednesday on the WHOW Morning Show, Superintendent of Clinton Schools Curt Nettles offered his thoughts on the situation. He believes it stems from the mentality of everyone gets a trophy.



Many school leaders believe children should learn to deal with the adversity that comes with failure. Like many, Nettles says these should be small failures but recognizes it can be a fine balance of stepping in to fix mistakes and letting them fail.



Eliminating irrecoverable failure has to be removed from the equation in a lot of learning environments for kids according to Nettles. He believes kids need to have the opportunity to fail but then try again to master what they are working towards.



Nettles believes kids need to be brave enough to try new things, fail and then try again learning from their misfortune. 

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