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Pension Payment, Funding Education Among Governor's Budget Address Talking Points

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker addressed the Illinois General Assembly for the second time this year for this annual budget address. 


The Governor Wednesday addressed resuming contributions to the State's rainy day fund and the pension system. Governor Pritzker wants to commit to $100-million in contributions to the rainy day fund in the next 16 months.



Not only does the Governor want to make full contributions to the pension system, but he also wants to "go above-and-beyond" the full payment. He says the passage of a progressive income tax system would allow them to do this.



The Governor used his address Wednesday to promote a November vote on the progressive income tax system in Illinois. Governor Pritzker believes this would shift the burden of shoring up Illinois' fiscal mess. 



Governor Pritzker spent a good amount of his address focusing on Illinois' young people and investing back in them. MAP grant funding, student mental health investments, and additional staff for DCFS were some of the Governor's targets with his budget address. He discussed his plans to make what he called historic investments into K-12 education.



Additional revenues for 2020 will come from gambling expansion and marijuana sales. The Governor predicts marijuana sales will result in $46-million in revenue.



Governor Pritzker says the Fiscal Year '21 budget will save $225-million in taxpayer money and believes it will make Illinois and Illinoisans stronger.



The Governor discussed creating a school violence prevention tip line. He also is committed to working with Chicago officials to bring a casino to the city. 

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